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Welcome to my website and thanks for your interest. Now for a little about me...

I am located in Atlanta, GA., and am a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in digital post production (editing, vfx, composing, sound design), software development (games and apps) and new media technology. I have been called "creatively technical" and "technically creative" with my approach to projects and challenges. I have a comprehensive technology background in specifically in R&D and software development even serving as CTO in my corporate career.

I have had placements in major release projects as well as worked on many low/no-budget projects and totally understand the challenges that many indie developers and production houses face. I make every effort to be reasonable with my working relationships and believe that if a project is of quality and the marketing plan is sound, success should follow. If for some reason the project is not successful after development is complete, then I understand that is part of the business. Outside of the financial benefits of a project, I believe that every project provides inspiration, new relationships and more experience... that in itself makes every project valuable.

I crave the inspiration that each relationship brings with their exciting new ideas. As an artist, I need the inspiration that others bring to drive my creative juices and do what I was made to do... bring ideas to life. While it is the person (and not the tool) that creates art, I choose to use only the best tools to deliver the quality that the art deserves. Some of my tools include:

 Music Production


 VFX/Game Development


 Video Editing


ProTools 9 Workstation

Cubase 6 Workstation

Sequioa 12 Workstation

Kontakt 5 Instrument Libraries

EWQL Instrument Libraries

Project Dean Instrument Libraries

Vienna Symphony Instrument Libraries

AudioBros Instrument Libraries

Spectrasonics Instrument Libraries

Giga Sample Libraries

Ueberschall Sample Libraries

Many Professional Plugins

Professional Outboard Gear

Adobe After Effects CS6/CC

Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC

Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC

Foundry NukeX

Cinema4D R13/R14

Maya 2013

Motion Builder 2013

Unity3D 4.x

Visual Studio 2013

Many Professional Plugins

Adobe Premiere CS6/CC

Final Cut X

Sony Vegas 11

Smartsound Libraries

Digital Juice Content

Many Professional Plugins

Professional Outboard Gear



CalendarI also utilize technology to maximize communications through a project management intranet for collaborators and clients. By using the portal, clients are able to download proofs, receive project update notifications, respond to feedback and have 24/7 access to project tasks and milestones.

You can view some of my work by going to the "Portfolio" link. Be sure to check back often as the site is constantly being updated. Contact me today and let's discuss how we can work together to make your next project your best project yet.


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