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As a professional in the film music industry, I have learned that one of the key elements to creating a unique and refreshing soundtrack is by combining different styles of music. By taking inspiration from a variety of genres and influences, we can use this to our advantage to create something new and exciting, all while serving a film’s story.

Purpose driven compositions

But it’s not just about creating something that sounds good, it’s also about using music to enhance emotions and the momentum of the scenes. By understanding how different styles of music can evoke different emotions, we can use this to our advantage when scoring for film.

It’s important to understand this concept of blending different styles to create something new and exciting not only in music but also in life. By taking inspiration from a variety of sources and experiences, we can discover new passions and discover our own unique voice.

Renew and Rejuvenate

While it’s important to seek guidance and learn from experienced professionals, it doesn’t mean we should lose our own youthful spirit and stop engaging in activities that bring joy to our lives. By embracing new experiences and combining them with what we know, we can create a soundtrack that perfectly captures the emotions of our lives.

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